greg_allard_rsGreg “Gargs” Allard received his B.S. in Journalism from the University of Florida in 2012 at the age of 48. Greg has had hundreds of articles and features published in Insite Magazine, the Rock104 Blog, the Gainesville Sun, The North Florida Business Report, and the Chiefland Citizen. He has also done copy-editing work for the New York Times. Over the last several years, he was the local music editor for Insite Magazine and the creator, writer and host of’s Power Pop Portal. Although Power Pop Portal still rocks on, Insite Magazine folded at the end of 2012, leaving a coverage void in the popular Gainesville, Florida music scene. Feeling that void, Greg decided to recruit some of the best music writers he knew in his journalism circle for his latest project — a music site dedicated to featuring first person music reviews, interviews and essays across all musical genres and including local, national and international music.


Celia Almeida is a proud Gainesville music supporter and regular at local shows. A graduate of the University of Florida in English, she is a contributor to The Rock Blog on and is the clichéd music writer in that she herself says she has no musical talent. She has decided to focus her obsessive personality productively by writing about music and those who create it. She once briefly sang with Lady Gaga. Her “Morningbell’s #1 Fan” T-Shirt is one of her most prized possessions. She is “Just a Fan.” Check out her music blog at

brittany_brave_rsBrittany Brave – Italian, Communicator, Writer, Marketer, Promoter, Blogger, Performer, Young professional. Interested in all things music, arts, entertainment, non-profit, pop culture, worldly culture, news and life.

jake_darin_rsJake Darin studied history and English at the University of Florida and will be pursuing an MFA in poetry this fall at the University of Oregon. He grew up listening to NPR until consecutive love affairs with Billy Joel and Queen in eighth and ninth grade. Currently, he attends mass daily at the Church of Springsteen.

tyler_francischine_rsTyler Francischine is a UF Journalism graduate. She currently works as both a freelance writer for the Gainesville Sun and The Fine Print and as a burrito-slingin’ waitress at Chuy’s Tex Mex Restaurant. Her passion is music – she frequently makes overnight road trips to Orlando, or even Atlanta, for live shows. Her other interests include writing about modern social etiquette, watching sunsets, and Ted Danson in “Cheers.” Check out her blog at

andrew_hensley_rsAndrew Hensley: Ever since he can remember, Andrew always liked different kinds of music. In grade school, for example, he listened to a lot of Public Enemy and AC/DC. In 1998, when he was a sophomore in high school, he experienced live hardcore music for the first time when he saw Poison the Well play a set at the Vero Beach Women’s Center. He’s been hooked on heavy music ever since. Andrew says the energy and intensity of good music, regardless of genre, is one of those things better experienced than explained. You just know when something is good, and when it’s not.

sylvana_joyce_rsSylvana Joyce and her band, the Moment, were founded in the summer of 2010 when Sylvana put out a craigslist ad looking for musicians to bring life to her music. But don’t let their status of ingenue fool you: Six months after the band’s inception, they had already received recognition from the industry, with a full week feature by MTV and Ourstage as a “Needle in the Haystack” Artist. Sylvana’s band has already graced the stage over 70 times, including festivals, showcases and live performances in NYC, New Jersey and Boston. They have also garnered a following through their musical features at The Inspired Word, a spoken word series which have featured a slew of industry talent including Golden Globe Award winners, Grammy nominated singers, American Idol finalists, and HBO Def Poetry stars. They’ve been nominated for “Best Band” and “Outstanding Music Video” at the 2010-2011 Hoboken Music Awards and are the WINNERS of the 2012 No Contracts Needed Battle of The Bands competition hosted by UnRegular Radio, a popular online indie station based in Boston, MA. Sylvana, a classically trained pianist and professional actress, leads a showstopping performance with her powerhouse voice and natural star quality. Sylvana Joyce and The Moment’s music is the perfect mix of gypsy rock, blues and cabaret that has drawn comparisons to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Gogol Bordello and The Dresden Dolls.

alex_klausner_rsAlex Klausner is a UF journalism graduate and former music blogger for, Klausner has been playing in Gainesville bands for ten years. He currently plays drums in The Savants of Soul and Waxed Curbs and used to drum in Victory Blvd.

jay_maggio_rsDr. J. Maggio is a professor, lawyer, culture-lover, and committed progressive. He has written about, produced, played, and argued about rock/pop music his whole life.  Dr. Maggio has been published on issues as varied as democracy in comic art, post-colonial theory, and the value of Built to Spill and Guided by Voices. Some of his favorite albums include London Calling, Rubber Soul, In The Aeroplane Over the Sea, Bee Thousand, and Doolittle. Dr. Maggio believes the world would be a better place if it was scripted by Joss Whedon and the soundtrack was crafted by Holland-Dozier-Holland. Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Maggio is not the smoke-monster.

chuck_martin_rsChuck Martin is a Gainesville songwriter, bandleader and recording artist. He is also The Colonel Allen R. & Margret G. Crow Professor of Chemistry at The University of Florida, and a University Distinguished Professor. He may be the only person to have won international awards in both scientific research and songwriting. Martin recently united art and science with his song, “Bonds of Life,” about teaching freshman chemistry. This and other Martin videos can be seen at the ChuckMartinGeniusBoy YouTube Channel.

janna_pelle_rsJanna Pelle is a musician who lives in New York and has been described as the lovechild of Sean Lennon and Fiona Apple with the alter ego of Lady Gaga. She graduated the University of Florida with a degree in advertising and has a love for the branding and promotional aspects of music as well as songwriting. She encompasses the best of both worlds with her album, “Shameless Self-Promotion” available on iTunes, Spotify, and

alex_peterman_rsAlex Peterman is a sports writer in Gainesville and is beginning to follow his love for music through journalism. He studies in the English and Journalism departments at the University of Florida. A lover of classic rock, hard rock, and anything in between, you can always find him with the speakers cranked up. An amateur drummer, He’s looking to get into playing more over the next few years. As he looks to build his music writing resume, check out his sports writing on

zack_peterson_rsZack Peterson is a sophomore at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in journalism. He currently works on The Gainesville Sun’s sports desk and interns in the newsroom. A passionate music fan from Lutz, Fla., his greatest achievement to date is interviewing Afroman. In the future he would like to freelance for a myriad of reputable publications, be a published author and meet Bob Dylan.



Wade Powell is a writer and musician, born and raised in Lakeland, Florida. Wade graduated in 2010 with a degree in journalism from the University of Florida. Since then, he has written and edited countless reviews for Gainesville’s former INsite Magazine and contributed articles to Wade has been a musician for 18 years, starting piano at age 8 before picking up guitar at age 11 and drums at age 18. Besides playing guitar in a couple defunct bands here and there, Wade has recorded solo under the name You and the Boom for 10 years, describing the material as “indie folk-pop.” Check out his music at

cathy_rockwell_rsCathy Rockwell is currently pursuing her second Master’s Degree — this one in Homeland Security. She earned her first Master of Arts Degree in writing in 2011. She has been a freelance writer for the Gainesville Examiner and INsite Magazine, covering movies, concerts, album reviews and the theater. She’s has also worked as an event planner and in the music business doing various jobs in New England and California. Her passion has always been music of all types. She listens to everything from Beethoven to the Rolling Stones. She’s attended concerts since she was 13 years old and is a supporter of local musicians.



Devananda Sadkin is a University of Florida graduate in Mathematics, an aspiring music producer and a hip-hop enthusiast. He currently spends most of his time engineering recording sessions and live music events for many styles of music, but during the off times he can usually be found writing raps, composing beats, freestyling or talking about the state of hip-hop to anyone that will listen. His father Phil is a prominent Gainesville musician and bass player. His late uncle Alex was a professional music producer who produced albums for Bob Marley, The Thompson Twins, Foreigner and many others.

jolie_shapiro_rsJolie Shapiro is a self-described lover of all things music. When not working toward a public relations degree at the University of Florida, she engulfs herself in musical pursuits. This past year, she had the opportunity to help organize FEST, Gainesville’s annual punk rock music festival. She also regularly wrote album reviews for INsite Magazine. Now, she is currently living in New York City interning with Astralwerks Records, home to David Guetta, and Swedish House Mafia among other great artists. In her spare time, she in a blues rock band called Double Vision that performs around Gainesville. For Jolie, it certainly has been, and hopefully will continue to be a wild ride.



Kenny Sherman is a songwriter/singer/guitarist and founding member of the New York based indie power-pop/rock band, The Turnback (which of course qualifies him to pass judgement on music made by legendary artists who have sold hundreds of millions more records than he has). Their album, “Drawn In Chalk” was included in several best of lists including Powerpopaholic, Pop Geek Heaven and Rock 104.3. They’re about to record a new album and just contributed a cover of The La’s “Timeless Melody” to Zero Hour Records upcoming release “Power Pop Unplugged”.  Check ‘em out on iTunes and ; ;

ambika_terhanian_rsAmbika Terhanian is a UF criminology junior. Besides talking about serial killers and the death penalty, she enjoys punk rock and skateboarding. She began writing music reviews in her DIY ‘zine called “RAWR!” and later “It is What it is” when she was 14. She then wrote for a friend’s webzine, Southern Shed Punk. When she is not listening to music, she is either skateboarding or hanging out at the Krishna House.

ghost_of_music_past_rsThe Ghost of Music Past spends a lot of time talking to people who are experiencing problems in their lives. He also tries to help people working to better their situations through education. In his spare time he likes to write articles about social history, using popular culture as a primary source.