A conversation with Robert Maha Ferry, festival organizer.

How did the festival start?

I ran into Autmun (owner of K9CARES) at an art market at High Dive in the middle of last year. She told me her passion and 501(c) nonprofit business plan.

She has victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and/or sexual assault, [later] rescue, rehabilitate, and train their own emotional support animal.

She pays for the animals entire life. (vet bills, shots, and food). She then offers a full-time job to the victims so that they can get paid to help other victims go through that exact same process.

When I heard her story my passion was sparked and nothing seemed to stand in my way.

This one is the 2nd annual festival and it has grown exponentially since the first event (at least 10-fold).

What is the purpose of the festival itself?

To help the children/individuals who have been hurt, to help rescued animals, to fund the art programs at schools who have struggling art programs, and to inspire/feed the passion of artists/musicians/visionaries who have not shown the world their message, but desire to do so.

Who are your musical influences?
My musical influences include Nahko Medicine For the People, Of Monsters and Men

The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Krishna conscious music, The Beatles.

Tell us about your own music.

I strive to release my music as I learn about the world. We have a music project called Maha & The Lions. This project is composed of just me and drummer Christian Caro and we interview and play with various musicians who may have not played much at all before but who have the passion to get their message out there. We write original music and we feature songs that these other musicians write and we help them compose it. The purpose is to feed the dreams of others and to serve others who have the passion to serve the world with their message.


Performing Acts (compiled and written by Robert Maha Ferry)

OUTSIDE STAGE: free to public


Will be showcasing a passionate artist who has a dream of getting visor her message out there to the world.
Message Mahadev Robert Sean Ferry if you or anyone you know fits the visionary profile.

MadWoman: an indie/spiritual fusion featuring a highly talented three-piece band who have been producing whimsical songs since they were children. Art Ihnatsenka on bass guitar. Sammie Daigle on vocals. Chandler McFarland on lead/rhythm guitar.

Rachel & The Alloys: an upbeat and power-packed 5 piece cover band giving their debut at StrongerTwogether, producing cover songs that we most all know and love by dozens of popular and talented artists/bands.

Chris Majic – DJ & Lyricist
When he was 18 years old, Majic, now 26 and originally from Gainesville, “rebelled against the system and left Florida in search of musical and spiritual understanding.” He spent the past eight years doing research and independent studies of sound healing and sound manipulation. At age 20, Majic started his first company called Majic Productions (MP), and from there he toured with artists such as, The YYY, Tech N9ne, Tribal Seeds, and more.

Majic now resides in Gainesville and is currently taking classes at Full Sail University for audio production. He currently works as an A/V tech at VTS and makes shirts locally at ADP. He also just released a record called YouDontCare and he is now working on a new project called Creative Noise.

INSIDE STAGE: ($12 entry fee/$10 if you click “Going” in the event page on Facebook)

Les Voss: electronica/bass DJ
Featuring multiple professional flow artists synchronized to the articulated beats to create an immersive visual and sound experience.

Eclectic Hippy Soul Music A little bit about (V)owls and their heartfelt performance: (V)owls is a Gainesville FL. original band making eclectic heart soul music. Their goal is to improve your experience wherever you are whenever you find them. (V)owls consists of Caitlyn Vinci on vocals and banjo-ukulele, Amy Lindroth on vocals, Emily Price on saxophone, Jordan Brownstein on melodica and guitar, Russ Tyndall on vocals and bass.

Maha & The Lions:
Indie/folk featuring an immersive platform/music project starring two music composers: Christian Caro and Mahadev Ferry. Interviewing and performing with a multitude of musicians/performers to create a different performance every time, guaranteed.

This performance will feature Stephanie Voight on vocals, Pamelli Marafon on piano, Johnny Saint-Tellah – lyricist, Naomi Langley – lyricist, Christian Caro on drums, and Mahadev Ferry on lead/rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

9 pm-10 pm 
Flint Blade:
Chapman Stick A little bit about Flint Blade and his relationship with the Chapman Stick: Flint Blade creates uplifting soundscapes with his voice, beatbox, and Chapman Stick; drawing influence from jazz, dub, reggae, and psychedelia for a unique improvisatory style. The Chapman Stick is an instrument combining guitar and bass into one, designed for two-handed tapping. Flint Blade has spent 11 years mastering the Chapman Stick.

10 pm-11 pm 
Crystal Bowl Concert:
Her Name is Amber Rose Ashodian and her project is called Enlighten Sound Healing. . She is an artist and holistic healer. These two disciplines inform her use of Touch Therapy, Sound Healing, and Energy Work. She fell in love with Crystal Singing Bowls the moment she discovered them in 2007. The sounds and vibrations emanating from Crystal Singing Bowls restore the listener’s body by opening, clearing and balancing each of the seven chakras plus the High Heart. It has been scientifically established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency. When added to a restorative yoga class or massage session the results are beautiful, transformational and magical. She is a massage therapy graduate of Florida School of Massage (FSM), a certified double practitioner of Thai Massage, and she has a Reiki certificate. (Non-touch healing) To sum it up, her healing is her art. Prana, her husband, and her have been partners since 2011 and married in 2014. They have had many life changing experiences, especially one where their life changed dramatically after a near-death car accident. They invested in 3 crystal singing bowls ever since 2012, and they have been exploring the healing properties through these amazing instruments. They have healed themselves and others in many ways. Now they are ready to share this gift to all at StrongerTwogether and to all in the world.

DATE: February 16th 2018 TIME: 5pm-11pm
LOCATION: Depot Park’s BoxCar 201 SE Depot Avenue Gainesville, Fl 32601. COVER: $12 ($10 if you click “Going” in the event page on Facebook)
AGE: All ages, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

From K9 C.A.R.E.S. Facebook Page:

K9 C.A.R.E.S. Inc’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and train abused and neglected dogs, then partner them with victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault, with the purpose of emotional support, psychological healing, and future marketable skills to better enhance the well-being and happiness of both human and canine through the close relationship built on trust, understanding, and encouragement that is achieved as an added result of the training process.
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