Sofar Sounds is like being set up on a blind musical date by a very good matchmaker

by Gargs Allard

The concept is intriguing yet simple: A secret but high quality music artist is hosted at an unknown and sometimes private venue in town. They perform for the crowd at an intimate setting and the show is filmed for the project that takes place every month in some 403 cities around the world.

The fact that the audience will not know who the performer is until they the “curtain” opens is exciting – kind of like finding out what gender your baby is at birth instead of by ultra sound.

About the project, Gainesville representative Brandon Telg said, “[Sofar} is a new and unique endeavor in Gainesville. [It] is an international organization that does secret house-show-style shows in cities all over the world, and I’m starting to book these shows in Gainesville. The locations are secret until a day before to ticket buyers, the bands are a secret until you arrive, and the shows are all filmed beautifully to be posted online later. Our first show is feb 26, at 8pm. Tickets are extremely limited. On their site, you may also apply to play or host a show.

As mentioned above, the first SoFar Sounds in Gainesville is scheduled for 8 PM this Monday, February 26. The next show will take place on March 27.

For Monday night’s show, you must arrive and be seated by 7:30 PM because you will not be allowed to enter the show after it has started.

For the February 26 show, you may apply for tickets here.
For the March 27 show, you may apply for tickets at this link.

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