Greg “Gargs” Allard broadcasting Power Pop Portal from rock104.com’s studios at Weimer Hall in the University of Florida.

Greg “Gargs” Allard created the radio show Power Pop Portal in 2011 and since then 67 shows have been aired on rock104.com. The vast majority of the shows have been written, hosted and produced by Gargs himself, who’s had a passion for power pop ever since his brother Kevin turned him onto the new wave of power-pop artists that have come onto the genre’s scene in the last 20 years.

Some shows have also been hosted and written by the knowledgeable, smooth and experienced radio personality Glenn Richards, and some have been hosted by the  exotically-voiced DJ Elena Falsini.

The show plays songs from the likes of the Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, Cheap Trick, Big Star, Fountains of Wayne, The Kings of Convenience, The Candy Butchers, Cotton Mather and many more. The show airs Sunday nights at 10 ET on rock104.com. To check out the archive of past shows go to rock104.com/powerpop.


Greg “Gargs” Allard backstage with Fountains of Wayne lead guitarist Jody Porter after a show in Atlanta in 2011.

Glenn Richards


Elena Falsini