by Gargs Allard

Both Joachim Polack and Juliette Davis, co-founders of Pearl & the Oysters, grew up in Paris and brought to Gainesville with them degrees in musicology and a love for Brazilian bossa nova. So, it was a fun time for all, at Tune Groover studios when they visited for an interview on The Gargsville Radio Hour, which was heard on WGOT LP Gainesville 100.1 FM.

Especially when they sampled my Brazilian mother-in-law’s pao de queijo (cheese bread), which my wife baked for their visit.

Beside eating cheese bread, the music power-couple talked the origins of Pearl & the Oysters, how Gainesville inspired them to write songs, and their brand new album, among many other things.

The band is set to perform next at the Heartwood Soundstage on Saturday, December 7th.

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