SoFar Sounds Comes to Gainesville Monday

Sofar Sounds is like being set up on a blind musical date by a very good matchmaker by Gargs Allard The concept is intriguing yet simple: A secret but high quality music artist is hosted at an unknown and sometimes private venue in town. They perform for the crowd at... read more

Rebirth Brass Band to Play High Dive Tonight

by Gargs Allard photo by infrogmation Grammy winning band, The Rebirth Brass Band, a New Orleans blujafunk group that combines the second-line New Orleans brass band tradition with soul, funk, jazz and hip hop, will play the High Dive in Gainesville tonight. Formed in... read more

Gainesville Grooves Debuts on WGOT

Gainesville Grooves, the weekly hour radio show that will play only Gainesville, Fla. area related music debuted tonight on WGOT LP FM 100.1 at 9 PM. The episode is now available here via the MixCloud page of Gainesville Groove. Creator and host, Gargs Allard, said he... read more

Changeville Rocks Gainesville

Story by Gargs Allard Photos by Japa Magyer, Glani Lima, and Gargs Allard The Changeville Music and Arts Festival drew large crowds in various venues throughout downtown Gainesville on February 8 and 9, invigorating both musicians and concert goers. The fest headlined... read more

Truth is Heavy: An Evening With Benjamin Booker

Musician Returns to Gainesville to Headline the Changeville Fest By Tyler Francischine “The primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone.”                             ... read more

Gargs Hosts Shawna Potter of War On Women

Changeville Fest Previewed on the Latest Gargsville Episode by Gargs Allard Shawna Potter, lead vocalist for War on Women was Gargs’s guest on Gargsville Radio Hour originally aired on February 7, 2018 on WGOT  LP FM 100.1 Gainesville, Fla. Gargs also revealed... read more

Interview with Cracker Guitarist Johnny Hickman

Alt Rockers Cracker to Perform at Changeville Music and Arts Festival in Gainesville at the High Dive at approximately 9:45 PM on Friday, February 9. by Gargs Allard photo by Arielle Haze Photography We got a chance to chat with Cracker co-founder and guitarist Johnny... read more

Ruins by First Aid Kit is Ultimate Breakup Album

Music Review: Ruins/First Aid Kit (released 18 January 2018) by Gargs Allard In more ways than one, Ruins by First Aid Kit is the aftermath of a breakup album. Perhaps that’s what makes it so compelling and moving to listen to. But it’s not just apropos... read more

Florida Event Calender for January 2018

compiled by Gargs Allard Gainesville THR 04 – After Funk/Rachel and the Alloys/Supamoon – High Dive 9 PM THR 04 – Bornhardt – Lightnin Salvage at Satchels THR 04 – Getting Dirty With Dusty Episode 12/Shawn Manley 7 – 9 PM – The Zone 99.7 Lake... read more

Wild Child Invades High Dive Tonight

by Gargs Allard photo by Glani Lima Wild Child, the award-winning indie rock band from Austin, Tx., was originally conceived in the backseat of a tour van when founding father and mother Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson were touring as backup musicians for the... read more

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