Bills Hire Kathryn Smith, First Ever Female Coach in NFL

While Bills Hire Smith, Other Women Continue to Help Run Pro Sports Teams By Alex Peterman The Buffalo Bills made history this week by hiring Kathryn Smith, the first female assistant coach in the National Football League. Both the Bills and Smith should be very proud... read more

Festival of Colors Returns to Alachua Saturday

by Manorama das The Holi Festival of Colors is coming up on Saturday, March 26, 1-4 pm at the Krishna Temple in Alachua, Florida. Live music bands, color throws, good food and fun for the entire family. The live bands will include The Mayapuris, Gauravani, Krsnatone,... read more

Interview With John Lennon’s Sister

Julia Baird Visiting High Dive Tonight with the Mersey Beatles by Gargs Allard Julia Baird, sister of Beatle great John Lennon, has a book out called “Imagine This: Growing Up with My Brother John Lennon.” On the occasion of her fist to Gainesville with... read more

The Need For Controlled Capitalism

by Gargs Allard Background Undoubtedly, there are a number of potential problems with unabashed Capitalism, and throughout the history of the United States, they have unfortunately reared their ugly heads. Despite its reputation for being the land of opportunity,... read more

Individual Rights and The Fairness of Progressive Taxation

Two Founding Fathers’ Views on The Responsibilities of Government and the Wealthy by Gargs Allard James Madison was very much concerned with the potential problem of faction due to his perceived fear of the power of the masses to trample upon the rights of the... read more

Glenn Frey Dead at 67

by Gargs Allard Wow – two Mondays in a row now have come with sad news for rock and roll. Just eight days after the death of David Bowie shocked the world, I cannot adequately express the shock I feel following the death of the leader and co-founder of the... read more

Marco Benevento Talks Shop

by Gargs Allard Critically acclaimed musician Marco Benevento is set to perform at the High Dive in Gainesville, Fla. this Friday night at 9 pm (January 14, 2016). The show will feature Dave from Ween on bass and will be opened up by The Groove Orient. Just recently,... read more

‘Dark Sky Island’ Becomes Another Enya Triumph

Music Review: Dark Sky Island/Enya (Warner Bros/Warner Music) Release date: November 20, 2015 By: Cathy Rockwell It has been seven years since the Irish singer-songwriter has released a studio album, but Enya’s long awaited studio album was worth the wait. The... read more

Andy Reed’s ‘Relay Vol 1’ A Great First Side

EP Review: Relay Vol 1/Andy Reed (Released December 11, 2015) Four out of Five stars by Gargs Allard Often music critics such as myself try to describe to newbies how a band sounds by relating them on some level to other musical entities they may know. They do that... read more

Featured Video: Always Lift Him Up/Ry Cooder

Tune Groover Featured Video: Always Lift Him Up/Ry Cooder When a fellow has the blues and feels discouraged And there’s nothing else but trouble all his life When he’s always grumbled at and never happy Living with a scolding, aggravating wife If... read more

Featured Video: Father Christmas/The Kinks

Tune Groover Featured Video: Father Christmas/The Kinks “Have yourself a very merry Christmas. Have yourself a good time. But remember the kids who have nothing While you’re drinking down your... read more

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