by Greg Gargs Allard

In an interview released yesterday in Rolling Stone, former Pink Floyd bassist, lyricist and conceptual leader, Roger Waters, compared Republicans to fascists and Donald Trump’s initial success as “horrifying.”

Andy Green, who conducted the interview admitted in the introduction to the article that the interview was anything but turbulence-free.

Interviewing Roger Waters can be a wild ride. If he likes a question, he’s happy to pontificate at length, but bore him with tired inquiries and angry Roger “If you don’t eat your meat, you won’t get any pudding!” Waters can come out, though usually only for a few frightening seconds.

The beginning of the interview seemed somewhere between awkward and harrowing:

Andy: Hey, Roger. Did you see the news about Joe Biden? He just said he’s not running for president.
Roger: I can’t understand a word you’re saying. You aren’t making any sense.

Andy: I was just saying that Joe Biden announced he’s not running for president.
Roger: Aaaaannnnd …

Andy: And I’m surprised. I really thought he was going to go for it.
Roger: [Three-second pause] Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Among other things, Waters, who hasn’t put out an album of new material in over 20 years, stated that he has an entire demo of a new concept album he’s working on but has no idea of when it will come out. His new movie, Roger Waters The Wall, will soon be followed by a soundtrack to the film comprising two-disc, three-LP live album from the highly successful tour. Consequence of Sound reported that the release “spanning 29 tracks, the album was produced by Radiohead’s Nigel Godrich. It’ll be available on CD, vinyl, and digitally beginning November 20th via Legacy Records.” Waters also said that he has a close bond with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason but has never been friends with its guitarist David Gilmour.

In September, Waters filed divorce papers with filmmaker Laurie Durning, which will effectively end Waters’ fourth marriage. They had been together for 10 years before marrying in 2012, although they have been living separately for some time now.

Waters, an atheist, who it appears isn’t the easiest guy to get along with, can come off as a curmudgeon on one hand, with his irritable temper and cynical outlook appearing suddenly during a conversation, and a feeling man with a big heart, especially for the downtrodden on the other.

To say he sympathizes with the Arab cause regarding the Israeli-Palenstenian conflict is to put it mildly. And although Howard Stern attempted to drum up publicity by slandering Waters by implication publicly on the issue, where Waters is perhaps most outspoken these days is about what the Republican party in America has done to the rest of the world.

When asked if Trump being the frontrunner is horrifying, Waters said:

Yes, its horrifying, of course. It’s entirely horrifying. But then, you cannot look at any of those Republican candidates and not be horrified. They are so charged up with wanting to murder everybody in the world. I know I should get into hot water for saying this, but their attitudes are so fascist, all of them, that it’s very hard to listen to any of them. Trump is particularly obnoxious. He thinks he’s clever because he made a few bucks and has a crappy TV show. And obviously he’s not. He doesn’t have a smart bone in his body.

When asked how someone like Trump could possibly be leading in the polls (considering what an imbecile he is), Waters set his sights on Fox News:

Because your electorate, and it’s only the Republican electorate that we’re taking about now, are kept entirely in the dark by a malignant mainstream media lead by Fox News, but closely followed by all the other talking heads that just want to kind of smile at you and toe the party line and never question anything seriously, especially about the United States or what it is and what its aspirations are or what it wants to be, except that it wants to be a major imperial power all over the world. You have bases in 135 countries, which is extraordinary, though nobody ever seems to question it.

You pour huge amounts of your national resources into the Pentagon and use it, basically, to push around the rest of the world and make yourself unpopular with everybody else. And nobody seems to address any of this. This is a silence hovering over this great nation, and I think it’s a silence that is about to be broken.

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