by Greg Gargs Allard

On Sunday, November 29 (the 14th anniversary of the death of George Harrison), 294 people dressed in various costumes and styles from the early, middle and late Beatle eras, gathered at Chapultepec Park in the Mexican city of nine million in an attempt to break the previous Guinness Book of World Records of such a meeting previously held at 250.

By all accounts they did just that, surpassing the record by 44 Beatle-attired humans in a country whose first language is not the native English of the Beatles. In order to get in the record books officially, though, they will have to send in the proper paperwork and be verified.


The success of the attempt may be surprising to some who thought the Beatles were only loved in the English-speaking countries of the UK and North America. Those who say that, however, forget the true worldwide name, fame and glory they actually had all over the globe, starting in Germany in 1962. Eventually, their unprecedented success spread throughout Europe, Asia, South and Central America, Australia, the Caribbean and parts of Africa as well.

“Once again, Mexican Beatlemania has been noted at the world level,” fan club president Ricardo Calderon said to Reuters. “We have more tribute bands to The Beatles in Mexico than in any other country in the world.”


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