(Photo by Peter Fordham from Billboard, 18 September 1971, page 36) 

By Gargs Allard

Gargs Interviews John Lennon’s sister Julia Baird and Music Journalist Celia Almeida on the Gargsville Radio Hour.

Last Wednesday, October 10, WGOT 100.1 Fm in Gainesville, Florida broadcasted the 32nd episode of The Gargsville Radio Hour, which featured conversations host Gargs Allard had with Julia Baird and Celia Almeida about John Lennon place in history on the occasion of the day after what would have been Lennon’s 78th birthday.

Julia Baird, who is John Lennon’s half-sister, had visited Gainesville a little more than two years ago with Beatles cover band the Mersey Beatles when they appeared at the High Dive. She had just finished her book, Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon, partly in order to set the record straight after the speculation of so many people who were not there. Also, she wanted to protect the name of her mother, because her brother John was no longer alive to do it. Baird talks about these things along how it was to grow up with John Lennon and Lennon’s anguish growing up separately from his parents.

Gargs later spoke just last week with music journalist for the Miami New Times, Celia Almeida, about how to reconcile being a fan of Lennon and being a supporter of the Me Too Movement at the same time. The conversation seemed pertinent and important, especially considering all the negative press Lennon has received lately concerning the perception that Lennon was a hypocrite with some of his causes, including those spreading the messages of peace, love and gender equality.

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