Featured Video: Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash/ The Clovers and Your Trash Ain’t Nothing But Trash/ Steve Miller

by Greg Gargs Allard

Today I picked up a pizza and salad at one of my favorite local pizza places in Gainesville, Big Lou’s Pizza. The girl gave me my change and I put about $2.58 into what I thought was the tip jar  – a medium-sized hard-plastic beer pitcher with a paper sign on it, of which I could only see the first letter to “T” from my angle. I noticed another such pitcher before I left, but this one I could clearly see the full sign that read “Tips” on it. I asked myself why would two tip jars be so close together and then grabbed the one I put the money in. My stomach slightly sank – the sign read “Trash.”

I then explained what happened to the girl and apologized. She just laughed. Another young women worker who was standing next to me said, “At least you’re  being honest about it.” “It’s an understandable mistake,” I said and everyone laughed. Feeling like some kind of a sorry winner for making a couple of young women laugh, I started thinking about about the song “Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash” by Steve Miller off The Joker album, which I used to listen to as a kid. “How could someone’s cash really be trash?” I thought. Today I got my answer.

Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash/ The Clovers


Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash/ The Steve Miller Band

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