Tune Groover Featured Video/ Christmas Day 1923

by Greg Gargs Allard

In line with Tune Groover’s never ending search for good music unknown to most in the mainstream, I am presenting this melancholy Christmas song from Austin’s Robert Harrison’s second group of note, Future Cloud and Radar. On Power Pop Portal in the past, we have played that band a number of times along with his first group Cotton Mather.

This song describes the death of an infant named Amanda Jane, who doctors had no way to get to during a Christmas blizzard in 1923. Sometimes I think about to those times and how life must have been, especially since my dad was born in 1924 and told me many stories while he was still among us.

Robert Harrison has at least two characteristics that reminds me of the Beatles. First and most obvious that he shares the same surname with the lead guitarist George Harrison (there is no relation), and second that his voice sound eerily like a raspy John Lennon.

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