by Greg Allard

Camera Obscura, the Scottish indie band who released their fifth album, Desire Lines, last June, will be the featured artist on Power Pop Portal tonight at 10 ET on

The band was formed in 1996 by Tracyanne Campbell, John Henderson and Gavin Dunbar,  but didn’t release their first album until its Biggest Bluest Hi Fi debut of 2001. Their 2003 follow-up, Underachievers Please Try Harder, has been previously featured on Power Pop Portal.


Desire Lines peaked at # 39 in the U.K.

Current Camera Obscura lineup:

Tracyanne Campbell – guitar, vocals
Carey Lander – piano, organ, vocals
Kenny McKeeve – guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
Gavin Dunbar – bass
Lee Thomson – drums

Playlist for Power Pop Portal # 71

For You Blue  2:31   Dhani Harrison
For You Blue  2:28   The Beatles
Laura         4:52    Girls
Pillow Talk   4:18    Wild Child
Go            3:48    Valley Lodge
Troublemaker  4:27  Camera Obscura
Suspended From Class   3:41 Camera Obscura
New Year’s Resolution  5:35    Camera Obscura
I Missed Your Party    4:26    Camera Obscura
This Is Love (Feels Alright) 3:30    Camera Obscura
Portland      3:22    An American Underdog
Radiation Vibe   3:41    Fountains Of Wayne
Build Havana     4:38    Future Clouds & Radar
September Gurls  2:49    Big Star
I Had A Dream  2:20  Morningbell

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