Story and Photography by Alex Peterman

On Friday night, the University of Florida hosted the All-American Rejects, taking the crowd at Flavet field back to their days of youth. Fans reminisced in the classic “Dirty Little Secret” right from the start and enjoyed the night all the way through “Give You Hell,” brought on by their thundering calls for an encore.


Lead singer Tyson Ritter was his enthusiastic self, bringing the energy of the stage to the audience with his many facial expressions, vibrant informality, and of course, walking into the crowd to serenade the girls with “Beekeeper’s Daughter.” It was a fun night of pop rock and a return to the classic tunes that many Gators students grew up singing on Karaoke night.


Ritter later thanked Gators fans on Twitter, calling the evening “something more magical than a distant yesterday I can remember.” Judging by the enthusiastic sing-alongs to every hit, the fans at the concert remember the All-American Rejects as much more than a distant yesterday.

Chomp the Vote and External Affairs were at the show encouraging everyone to exercise their right to vote November 8.

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