Tune Groover Featured Video: Surprised Your Boyfriend’s Still Around/The Super Fuzz & Super Fuzzy Xmas Time/The Super Fuzz

by Greg Gargs Allard

The Super Fuzz is a power pop band out of Miami, Florida formerly known as The Chris Alvy Band. Alvy, the band’s frontman, was born in Cuba and is a former professional baseball player who was drafted by the Chicago White Sox and spent several seasons in the minor leagues, but has become best known an accomplished and well-known singer-songwriter within the music community of Miami

Alvy and his mates combine a high-energy sound with melodic songwriting that makes the Super Fuzz the dynamic, must-see-live power pop band it is today.


The Super Fuzz is (l/r) Todd Taulbee (drums/back vocals) Chris Alvy (lead vocal/guitar) Darrell Killingsworth (bass/back vocals) Eric Sanchez (guitar/back vocals)

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